The first feature of CodeIgniter is that it follows the three-layer MVC model.

Which makes working and coding easier and follows simple rules.

Easy use of database codes

This framework with database classes has made it easier for you to work with the database when coding

This framework has form validation. This means that you can use html forms to record information or edit it. Use validation form codes in the back end. ++ Make the error easier for you and do the validation easily. For example: in order not to save a data in the database twice, you have to constantly check the database manually. Now suppose you have 1000 pieces of data in the database, do time and eye fatigue and visual error allow you to check them and Are you sure? Your answer is definitely no. So it 's better to check this with a half validation form validation code. That code is is_unique.

Low volume and weight

By low volume and weight we mean that it does not take up much space and volume.

The main server is easily handled on the host and there is no memory problem.

high security

The most important issue in site design is its security to be safe from hackers and crackers.

CodeIgniter has eased your mind about this issue because it has high security and has made the work of security interferors difficult.

send mail

Codeigniter, with its email-sending class, makes it easy for programmers to code back-end email codes.

No longer need long codes.

file upload

When the file upload class is in the framework, it is easy to upload the file.

You should be happy because CodeIgniter has this possibility.


It has the largest helper library. By using this, you use help codes to increase the efficiency of your site and code more easily. Do you not like to use your predefined functions in the view? Use pre-written functions yourself. It is a kind of vulnerability of computer security. Commonly used in web applications. Enables hackers to hack web pages by injecting scripts on the client side. The reason for this vulnerability is the lack of validation of user inputs. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by injecting malicious scripts into the site. Other hackers or malicious people can not harm the web environment and hack it. If your business software is growing day by day. To keep the program, you need to challenge it. This is where Unit testing plays an important role in your success. With the help of Unit testing, we can examine each method individually to determine if they are suitable for use or not! In CodeIgniter it is possible to directly view a unit as the smallest testable part of a software. In CodeIgniter, a unit can be considered a whole module, but most of the time it is a unique method and function. It has a calendar class with which the programmer no longer needs to use complex codes to create a lunar calendar. Slowly For you, the application section, which is the core of a site. Divide into several sections to make it easier to find problems and know what each section does and easy access. For example, this section is divided into config, views, model, helper and برای To learn more about this feature, you can visit Taban Shahrsari blog. Another important feature in CodeIgniter is data encryption. When you send a data through url or so-called programming somewhere, that data must be out of sight and encrypted with a key. Then it must be decrypted again where it wants to be used. This is the most important security issue. Why? That user data is extremely important and should not be accessed by anyone. CodeIgniter easily does this for you so that your important data is safe from hackers and malware. Click to view the site design article with mcv.

Session management

Another common feature is session management. The most common use of a session is after logging in. In login, when we want to access and use information after accuracy, we use a session in which we easily store the information, and then where necessary, we call the keyword.

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