If you can not spend a lot of money for large stores with many features, you can have the features needed by a store with a simple telegram robot and sell your products to your users. This robot is useful for everyone, but it is much more useful for users who have online jobs.

Summary of robot features:

Register products and display it inside the robot for users

Send promotional messages or notifications to all users

Send a separate message to a user inside the bot (for support or information such as: your product was sent, your order was successfully registered, etc.)

Manage users and display user information

Register the address and postal code of users

Apply shipping cost to order and manage by bot manager

Ability to block or reactivate the user

Possibility of temporary closure in the bot of the store and its restart

Manage orders in the admin panel

Ability to send the official invoice in pdf format to the user inside the bot

 Ability to view orders and order status by the user inside the bot

Ability to change the status of the order by the administrator and send a notification to the user inside the bot (status: under review, approved, being prepared, sending, order delivered)

Online payment with Iranian secure ports inside the bot and connecting the port to the administrator's account number

Bot users' wallet (possibility to charge the wallet and buy with the wallet)

Offline payment (possibility of card-to-card payment for orders instead of online payment) and management of offline payment settings by the manager

Sending a text message by the bot to the user as well as sending a text message by the administrator to the user

Telegram eCommerce Bot

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