Why Persian Academy was created?

The whole world is making rapid progress in all areas, and since each of the countries of the world has boycotted our beloved country in the fields of science, learning and technology, we decided to take a small step to be based on science. And let our knowledge stand and progress. Also, since economic problems in any society are a great obstacle to focus on learning and progress, we created Persian Academy by combining these two needs and problems (economic situation and scientific sanctions).

What is the use of Persian Academy?

In this system, any person without scientific restrictions and without age restrictions can make a move towards earning money and learning progress. People who want to show their abilities to the public as learning, by joining the Persian Academy system, can take a step in this direction by presenting a video of their abilities and sharing it. They can also earn money this way. In this way, users can download videos as much as the price entered for the video is added to the Persian Academy account and finally transferred to the bank account. As a result, they have taken a step towards learning and developing the society and have earned an income.

You can also have 5 to 10 seconds of your video to advertise by having a lot of followers (companies) with companies and stores to advertise them, this way you will have a lot of followers in addition to a lot of income. Many people will also be involved in the learning process.

Also, the more you like your video in terms of content and quality, the more you gain the trust of those who want to submit their ad to you.

Enter without any restrictions and put your videos in any field of science, art, tailoring, handicrafts, programming, design, scientific disciplines, textbooks, cooking, etc., and in addition to advancing in community learning, earn money. do.

Note: Create your Persian Academy account from within the program and log in, then to send a video, send a registration request from within the program to be assigned a special panel for sending video.

other facilities :

- View online and free video or video demos

- Ability to purchase and download video

- Ability to search for video

- Ability to like videos

- Ability to follow teachers

- Ability to register as a teacher from within the app

- Dedicated panel for sending instructor video

- Ability to report violations

- Bilingual program (Persian and English)

- Ability to order video from the instructor individually or order from the management

- 24-hour support

- Free registration

and etc.

Persian Academy

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