Smart and online system and automation of doctors with the ability to visit online

For this system, the intelligent secretary is designed to perform the process of queuing and creating files intelligently in a fully automatic manner.

Some features of this system:

Manage all patients

Ability to file and close the file

Ability to archive files indefinitely

Ability to upload photos and add them to the file indefinitely

Special gallery of photos in the file

Record file information with full details

By creating each file for the patient, a special panel is automatically created for that patient and the patient will have his own panel.

Specialized and advanced system settings

Online visit in a completely intelligent way with settings such as determining the days off and not accepting appointments, setting certain hours for the visit, as well as determining the price of the visit and paying it online, which adds to the ease of the patient and the doctor.

Ability to communicate directly with the patient from within the panel and provide the necessary advice

Ability to connect to SMS panel to inform patients

Ability to send email if needed

Responsive for better use of the system with various devices including mobile phones

And ...

The provided features are only a part of this intelligent system and also the system is changed and delivered according to the needs of each doctor.

Support and system upgrade from Milad Mostafaei's official site is also free for up to 3 months.

Online visit of doctors

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