In online cinema, you can watch or even download the most up-to-date movies.

You can even invite your friends (if they are members of the online cinema) inside the cinema of this program and watch the movie together, with the possibility that you can chat with each other while watching the movie.

Program features:

- The most up-to-date movies and animations

- Like videos

- Ability to comment on videos

- Ability to download high quality videos

- Having a special cinema to watch movies

- Ability to invite friends to watch movies together

- Group chat inside the cinema

- Ability to order movies

- 24-hour support

- Top graphics of the program

- Play all types of movie formats and quality in cinemas

- Watch videos inside the phone in any quality and format

- Subtitle support

- Download powerful manager with Resume feature

- Live broadcast of TV channels

- Ability to watch TV channels with your friends and invite them to watch TV and talk to each other

And ....

Online Cinema

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