This project can be provided to users in the form of web applications, Android and iOS.

Features of this project:

- Having the most complete admin panel

- Add and manage goods

- Add and manage categories

- Add and manage collections

- Complete statistics and accounting

- Show sales statistics in the form of charts

- View the best-selling or most popular goods

- Complete management of store users

- Issuing invoices and archiving all invoices

- View and manage user comments

- Ability to like and post comments for products

- Ability to rate goods

- Filtering goods by price (cheapest or most expensive), most popular, best-selling, latest and ...

- List and display invoices for users in the application

- Ability to change the payment method (online or at home) from the admin panel and apply it automatically in the application

- Ability to apply tax rates and postage from the admin panel and apply it automatically in the application

- Having a user profile with the ability to create a profile picture and edit your classified information (similar to Instagram)

- Registration of users through the application

- Smart shopping cart in the application

- Full and remote control of the application by the administrator through the admin panel (such as changing text or photo content, changing store rules and displaying it in the application)

- Ability to send and receive notifications (notifications)

- 17 languages ​​of the application

And countless other features that are all available to dear users.

It is noteworthy that this online store is available in all three versions of Android, iOS, web.


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: Feb 01, 2020
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: Oct 28, 2020
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