The Best Program to convert PDF to Word Office file

 Editable with features:

1. Convert PDF to photo

2. Convert PDF along with existing tables and color schemes

3. Convert PDF to Persian language (important feature that has less program)

4. Convert PDF to encrypted

5. Convert music notes in PDF format to a text file Doc

We simplified all the complexity in one program.

This program is neither a guide nor a tutorial, but simply does your conversion work.

PDF conversion programs are expensive due to sanctions and Adobe, and the existing programs do not have the ability to convert Persian language, and if the file has a password, it will be a problem.

With this program, we have put aside all the problems.

24-hour and daily support for users who do not have enough technical information.

100% guaranteed

You can extract all PDFs available on the Internet with any font and program that has been created and with Persian language support.

Right to left

Optimized algorithm for converting Persian PDF texts right to left, without text clutter.

Convert to different formats

You can convert your Persian PDF to word format. This format has the ability to convert to any type of format you want.

This program will be updated if supported by users.

Convert PDF to formats

Doc (Office Word)

EPUB (eBooks)

Docx (top version of Office)

PDF Convertor

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